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Question : How to buy in your store?
Answer : You can find purchase instructions in the right block - “ Information ”
Question : I have questions, where to go?
Answer : You need to contact technical support in your account, which are located at the link -
Question : I have questions / problems regarding the product after the purchase, where to contact?
Answer : You need to contact our technical support, this can be done immediately through the purchase or through your profile account -
Question : I paid, how do I pick up a purchase?
Answer : You can receive the goods immediately after payment, by clicking on the "Download" button, you will begin downloading a text document with an account / key. After which you receive a letter in the mail with a link to downloading the purchased goods, the letter arrives from 1 minute to 3 hours
Question : Do you have any system of discounts for regular customers?
Answer : In our online store of game accounts, a cumulative discount system is implemented that tracks all your purchases.
Question : Do you have any distribution of accounts?
Answer : Yes, we distribute accounts partially in our group -
Question : How to enter or mail
Answer : There is a correct guide on how to enter the mail -
Question : When does the store replenish?
Answer : Replenishment of the store every morning - evening.
Question : How to write directly to the seller
The answer is :