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Our Rules

All goods sold by us undergo a rigorous test before selling.
The product is sold only in one hand
By purchasing a product in our store, you agree to these rules:
1. The guarantee for all goods sold is valid only at the time of sale. We are only responsible for the performance of the account at the time of sale ..
1.2 The administration of the store is not responsible for the fate of the account.
After the purchase of goods by you, we are not responsible for the account, you are responsible for it.
1.3 The application for the inoperability of the goods is accepted within 10 minutes from the date of purchase.
1.3.1 Mandatory video availability. Replacement of goods without video recording is not carried out.
1.3.2 Video requirements:
1. In full screen, that is, the clock is visible, the start.
2. The cursor should be visible.
3. Without pauses, delays, freeze frames and other frauds associated with the installation.
4. It is advisable to use Bandicam
5. The survey should be from the beginning of the purchase of goods to the problem you described.
6. If you come across an invalid product, you need to restore your account by login here -
Video recording is the only proof on your part that the data at the time of purchase were really inoperative. If you don’t have the opportunity to record a video, you can contact the seller for additional product verification at the contacts listed on the site.
1.3.3 Applications are accepted in your account in the form of this form:
1. Product Name
2. Payment Method
3. Your details (wallet number / Paypal Email)
4. The exact date and time of purchase
5. The exact wording of your problem
6. Attach a video or drop a link to download a video
1.4 If a problem is detected immediately after the purchase, applications for contact information are accepted already filled.
1.5 Replacement / Issue of another product is made within 24 hours from the date of consideration of your problem
1.6. All products correspond to the name and description and undergo a thorough check before sale, as well as are sold only in one hand.
1.7 Purchased goods cannot be returned or exchanged.
1.8 Actions related to the purchase of game accounts, in-game currency and other in-game property are prohibited by the user agreements of most games and may entail sanctions by the administration of the game, such as: blocking the game account and withdrawal of the purchased virtual property. Our store has no relation to the administration of the corresponding computer games and is not responsible for the possible consequences of purchasing this type of product.
1.9 Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from liability.