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Changing Data (STEAM)

Guide on how to change data and secure your account

What we need:
1. Login and password from the Steam account
2. Login and password from the old mail

Our chain of actions:

1. Go to the native mail

2. Go to the Steam support

3. Click Restore the password >> I do not remember the name or password of the Steam account .
Enter account login

4. A code comes in the mail, enter it in the field
5. Set your password

6. Log in to your account

7. Go to Settings> Change contact email address. Mail
Change mail on your own.

8. In the Steam Guard settings, set authorization by mobile phone.

9. Settings> Family> Manage family browsing, set a PIN, NOT ticking

10. Delete all friends.

11. Profile Settings> change the nickname, avatar information and hide the profile.

12. We return to our native mail. Go to the filters and add the following addresses to the blacklist:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

@ steampowered.com


We also set up the forwarding of copies of letters to our mail (optional)

13. We look for letters with any payments and keep it for ourselves, if there are none, then replenish your balance and save a receipt. There is enough replenishment for a couple of rubles, the main thing is that you keep a check that you paid from a card or wallet.
You can also take the key from the distribution and activate it on this account in order to increase the chances of successful account recovery :)

14. We erase all letters from steam in the old mail (because there will be CT on the account - we will not replace such accounts)

15 . Create an account on  
support.steampowered.com  with login stim on my post

16.We change the link to the account in our profile to our own so that we can’t find it using the old link.
After changing the link to your own, the old one will be deleted from the Steam database . I apologize for the tautology.

This topic was created for educational purposes to those people who may not fully understand this, recovery aces may not read :)